MxTube for iOS4

I’m currently working on making MxTube iOS4 compatible. I’ll have it up as soon as possible.

EDIT: It will be iPad compatible.


I rarely have free time to work on things like MxTube these days, and when I do, I spend it doing something enjoyable. When I originally made MxTube, I enjoyed working on it. It was my first objc/iphone application and a fun project. But almost two years later, I’ve found it boring and uneventful to work on. Finally, an app to pick up where MxTube left off has surfaced, YourTube. YourTube adds video download support directly to the YouTube application. It was made by francis and pumpkin, two talented members of the iPhone development community. As you may know, pumpkin contributed the original YouTube authentication code for MxTube. YourTube is available via the Cydia Store and I encourage you all to check it out.


MxTube 1.5c w/ TV Out Support!

All users on firmware 2.x can now download MxTube 1.5c! This minor revision updates MxTube to support TV Out. I’ve made the transition into the movie player a little smoother as well. Thanks to BigBoss ( this update is now available in Cydia. I’ve decided to write MxTube 2.0 from the ground up and fix the numerous downloader mistakes I made in 1.5. I’m going to take a look at the new YouTube application in 3.0 to see how they handle user accounts. If possible, it will be a feature in MxTube 2.0.



It’s summer! I’m officially out of school for the next 3 months. This gives me time to update this blog and MxTube once again! MxTube 1.5c will be released fairly soon, fixing MxTube so videos play through TV Out. I will also be releasing this version for firmware 3.0 users via Cydia. Once these are out I will begin work on finishing MxTube 2.0! MxTube 2.0 will include video transcoding allowing any flv video to be converted for playing on iPhone/iPod Touch. Along with better downloading capabilities MxTube 2.0 will have a better media player with features such as Playlists, Repeat/Shuffle and the ability to play mp3s and mp3 versions of videos.


MxTube 1.0b – Unable to fix

The source code for MxTube 1.0b which is the latest version for firmwares 1.x is corrupt. I made it on my original PC which BSOD’d (Blue Screen Of Death). If I can find a backup that is salvageable I will try to update, but for now MxTube will only work on firmware 2.x.


Search Bug Fixed!

I finally got around to checking out the source of MxTube 1.5a’s search bug. Turns out YouTube has decided to add the letter z to the end of their date published strings. I’ve fixed MxTube 1.5a and will be updating Cydia in a few minutes. Once the MxTube feature page shows there is an update available, you can find the fixed MxTube on Cydia. Thanks everyone for notifying me of this issue. NOTE: The patched MxTube will be version 1.5b!


Search Bug

I am getting quite a few reports of MxTube crashing now during search. I currently do not have access to MxTube source, but I will be investigating this issue in the next few days. If you are experiencing the search crashing MxTube 100% of the time, please post your version number (found on the featured page) in a comment on this post.


MxTube 1.0b The Most Popular 1.x Application on the _BigBoss_ / Repository!

Today I did a small check on the stats of MxTube 1.0b on the _BigBoss_ / Repo for 1.x and found that MxTube 1.0b is the most downloaded application both on Cydia and Installer. Pulling in 1,171,434 downloads on Installer and 28,273 downloads on Cydia for a grand total of 1,199,707 downloads! As for firmware 2.x MxTube 1.5a is the second most popular application (Just behind BossPrefs) as of now with 309482 downloads from Cydia.

Thanks for all the support!

Just wanted to say, this made my day :)

MxTube was chosen as one of the top ten apps worth jailbreaking iPhone to get. I’m very glad MxTube has received so much popularity and I cannot thank everyone enough for all of the support. You can check out the article here:
Top 10 Apps Worth Jailbreaking Your iPhone To Get


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I’m still working on MxTube 2.0, but summer is over and I’ve had considerably less time to spend on it. I’m rebuilding the background downloader to protect against socket issues people were having as well as setting it to use NSURLDownload to allow resuming of downloads and proxy settings. The main problem I’m having is with ffmpeg. The utility made it seem so simple I figured it would just be a breeze to implement, but it turns out my app actually must tell ffmpeg to encode each frame and command ffmpeg’s libraries to do everything. I’ll keep everyone posted on the status as new things happen. Now, as everyone knows I’ve started the forum. Well, I need your help. I’m trying to make iDevKit the largest iPhone & iPod Touch Dev community and it takes up a considerable amount of my time telling other developers about it. Once iDevKit has grown up to the point everyone can help everyone, I will have _much_ more time to work on MxTube and updates for it. Therefore, if you own a digg account, go digg up iDevKit. :)
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