MxTube – YouTube and much more.

MxTube ( is my new web application, it allows anyone to search YouTube exactly the same as you would with the YouTube app but with a few extra features. When on the iPhone, MxTube allows watching videos high or low quality, completely independent from connection speed. Videos can also be displayed in portrait or landscape modes and are also playable in Quicktime or the YouTube applications. While on a computer, MxTube offers the same quality search as YouTube, but with high res mp4 (Better quality than in my opinion) and low res 3gp download links with an embed link to the swf. If you have any feature requests or find bugs post a comment on this post and I will update it asap. If you would like to help with any of my other projects or just chat join #ilounge on


Thanks to Zenexer for the help retrieving iPhone headers, ViO for Logo Design, and g and Oney for beta testing.

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  1. Congrats man! This really is a great app, and it was an honor to beta test.

  2. This is a great app. Because of my satellite internet connection the native iPhone YouTube app is a bit flakey.

    Do you think YouTube will have an issue with it though? The increased bandwidth for example?

    If it stays up I’ll gladly donate.

  3. I will keep it up, at the moment it emulates the iPhone’s YouTube interface, therefore it will only go down if the iPhone’s YouTube connection goes down.

  4. just says: Error
    after starting the search request

  5. It’s now fixed, I’m having auth code trouble on the back end.

  6. Auth Key system is under maintenance. I don’t think its fixed anymore. :P

  7. love this, been using since i jailbroke my touch

    {request} add an option to convert the flv to mp3 =D

  8. *full video names after download
    * multi download

  9. Any plans to implement this functionality for use with multiple flash-based video sites? I would think that TinyTube and MxTube would make for a perfect marraige.
    TinyTube does the video conversion, and MxTube could provide the local downloading option.

    This would give everyone the ability to download just about anything right to their iPhone / iPod touch.

    Great job BTW!

  10. * when I recive a phone call or reply sms,the download stops,and I have to search again and download from the beginning,that’s not cool.say we can at least remember that which we want to download, that will be much better…
    * Will it possible to add another youtube like service such as By selecting some parameter. It’s so popular. and makes your app much more
    *download order adjustment.
    *downloaded videos order adjustment.

  11. you should have an optional login feature, so it will make it possible to do more things such as:
    - automatically download a video when put in your favorites
    - automatically download/alert you of new videos from your subscriptions

    There slot more things you could branch out to.

    Thank you and I hope I helped in some way…
    – kevin

  12. Hi
    congratulations for your program!

    I want to search videos by user…

    thanks ;)

  13. Hi,

    I downloaded videos from web using Mxtube in my iphone. I would like to know if I can transfer these videos from Iphone to my laptop.

  14. can not download videos on to my iphone all are premature & never finish , oh sometimes i cannot get on line because it says the phone can’t find saver. Please send information to my name is floyd Francis (Nassau Bahamas)

  15. when you choose quality. Does that effect just your image quality or sound or both?

    Thank you!

  16. can this mxtube be used on ipod touch? how to install this?

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  18. [...] MxTube – An iPhone youtube downloader. Search for and download the videos you want for later viewing. Also works on iPod Touch [...]

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