MxTube Native is here!!!

My native version of MxTube is now available on installer under the Multimedia category. For those who haven’t seen it, I have a demo video I put up on MetaCafe to demonstrate its base features. I will be adding to this post more tomorrow with screenshots and features to come.


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  1. awesome application, really love it, just got v1.0 tonight, i posted a link to your website on forums just fyi. If you’d like my post removed let me know but i only have good things to say! keep it up thanks soo much

  2. Perfect app! Way to go!!! Thanks alot!!! ;)

    It would be perfect, if there would be an option to add downloaded mp4′s in iPod video section.

  3. This is just a great app! Thanks a lot.
    It’s like the Mobile iTunes app and the YouTube app, I love it! Think i’ll be using this software a lot since it’s extremely nice :)
    Enough about that, maybe I have some nice features which you might have thought about too. It would be nice if you could wrap a download button in the native YouTube app, like Mail does too. And the possibility to add your videos to the native Video app, but I think you mentioned that in the coming soon section as ‘iPod app’. Since I use an iPod touch I don’t have the Videos app build into Music, so that seems a little strange to me.
    A 16 years old Dutch speaking iPod touch owner =)

  4. I find another problem. If I choose stop during a download, the temp file can’t be deleted automaticly.

  5. Well, this is going to be a great app!

    I hope that the download issues will be resolved in the next version… That’s when the paypal donations will start to kick in ;)

    Best regards from Bosnia!

  6. I love this app. What I wish you would also include are the bookmarks from YouTube so I could click on the bookmark and then download the video. Just a thought. A great and useful app.


  7. There is a bug that a downloaded video would only play for like 1 minute and a half then it stops and the screen goes back to the downloaded videos.

  8. i know this may have been covered or is in the process. but maybe in the next update/s, the downloaded movies could be saved in the videos folder? and possibly some more description in the search area? also the ability to queue downloads and come back and resume them would be amazing. you have probably already thought of these features, but who knows, just in case thought id take the time to mention anyway. cheers for the app, its rad.

  9. Cool! Marvelhous!
    I’ll donate on the next release. It worths a lot!

  10. Hi, your app is awesome no i don’t get bored at work LOL! I have a question, how do I get access to the videos downloaded to the iphone from a mac?

    Keep it UP!

  11. It would be great if there was a possibility to play all downloaded videos.. or create some playlist.
    Great app!!

  12. [...] Verion: 1.0b Installations Quelle: Installer Herstellerlink: Getestet auf Firmware: [...]

  13. [...] Verion: 1.0b Installations Quelle: Installer Herstellerlink: Getestet auf Firmware: [...]

  14. A very good tool.

    enable user to browse video’s poster’s other video
    show most viewed / most popular video

  15. hey i have downloaded some videos but i cant find from where to play those because i cant find the saved data.where the video is saving….please tell me

  16. son

  17. zxxc

  18. Hey , are you planning to sell this on the App Store I would love it there and and am sure that others would like MxTube on the App Store , especailly the iPod touch 2g owners.

  19. Hi,
    I Have iPhone firmare version 1.1.4 during an instalation of MXTube v1.0b i receive a msg error
    “package download failed” i try more than 10 times
    and the result its the same. I need help.

  20. I am not able to download MX Tube on my Iphone. Everytime when i play the installer there’s a pop up window apper $”Package Download Failed”. Can you please help me to provide a remedy for this error.


  21. I am have g the same problem
    can you please provide a remedy to fix my problem?
    Its not just mxtube, its many other apps too

  22. having the same probs
    MxTube is gone, many Apps fail to install
    pls help

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