For all of the Firmware 2.0 users…

I felt I didn’t want to rush MxTube 2.0 and make it as buggy as MxTube 1.0. Therefore for 2.0 users I made MxTube 1.5a. MxTube 1.5a is MxTube 2.0 with anything new/undertested turned off. This will allow the same exact functionality as MxTube 1.0 but for firmware 2.0 users! It does have a few extras such as: Background Downloader, Video Descriptions and the ability to watch videos in MxTube before downloading them. It is now available for firmware 2.0 users via Cydia thanks to _BigBoss_ from

A week ago during development I experienced a video that downloaded within a second. I expected it to be the premature download bug and it seemed to be solved by watching the video through the Stream option of MxTube. Today I found another video that finished in 1 second, but it appeared to play perfectly. I do not suspect the premature download bug exists, but if any users experience it, I suggest trying to stream the video before downloading.


EDIT: YouTube Mobile is the video search feed Apple’s YouTube app uses. will contain videos that do not show on YouTube Mobile. This feature is currently disabled because search requires FLV to MP4 conversion which has not been implemented in 1.5a’s background downloader.

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  2. woohooo! great news! thanks man! :)

  3. i’ve a problem…i’ve just install MxTube from Cydia…but when the istallation is finished and i come back on springboard there is not any icon about mxtube but if i check in the applications folder i find it,,,i restart my iphone….but nothing…there is not any icon of it….any solution???

  4. hey buddy, thanks alot! been waiting for this ever since i pwnd, just a question though, what’s the diff between youtube mobile and .com?

    just a suggestion – maybe it would be a good feature to let users categorize their videos through folders :)

    more power! will donate tomorrow!

  5. @matrixrev – have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling?

    but woo! thank you for such a great app. definitely one of my favourites, couldn’t wait till it was out on 2.0.

    what’s to become of the .flv option? something to do with vlc4iphone? or does that support flv?

  6. @matrixrev. I would try uninstallin mxtube an reinstallin it. Also make sure u aren’t using any custom themes from customize cause it’s been really glitchy.

    @Max thank you very much for this. I had MxTube on 1.1.4 but it had a major bug and just crashed so I just went to 2.0 but now I have MxTube!!! And it works like a charm. Thank you so much!!! :D

  7. @marlon. I’ve try to unistall mxtube and reinstall it…but nothing…i’ve custom icons installed from SpringRoll ,,,but wii be the first time that i install an application and i can’t see it only for this reason….i don’t know…really..i don’t know

  8. Try a firmware restore, I have many confirmed reports of MxTube 1.5a installation being a success. The main reason SpringBoard will fail to show an applications is because it doesn’t have permissions. This will be fixed with a restore if you cannot fix them manually.


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  10. ty max! works like a charm!


    Digg it.

  12. thanks so much Max :)

  13. can it work on 1.1.4?

  14. @jerald – there is already a version out for 1.1.4

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  17. hey Max! Keep up the good work!
    I would like to see some more Features in the final release, like selecting a bookmark from the or transferring the downloads to the would be sick if it’s possible.


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  19. Is there any way to disable background downloader.
    I don’t like have some process running in background …

    Thanks for the app by the way.

  20. awesome app, having upgraded to 2.0 I am so happy to get this working again! can’t wait for the flv+convert button to work!

  21. hmmm, doesn’t seem to work over Tzones 5.99 EDGE. all stream attempts fail with “This movie cannot be played.” all download attempts result in 1KB downloads that obviously don’t play (file format error is shown). anyone else having this problem? THANKS, btw… us 2.0 users are really itching to get these killer apps back.

  22. I noticed one thing that I thought I would bring to your attention. In the older version you could lock the screen as the video played and it would continue to play the music, however in this version, when you lock the screen it pauses the video. I’m not sure if you meant to implement that or not, but I did enjoy saving a little bit of battery with the ability to listen to the videos on a locked screen.

  23. Hello,

    I had firmware 1.1.4 in the past. I had MxTube. When I was putting firmware 2.0 i copied all MxTube video folder from Iphone to PC with ftp connection + ssh.

    Now I have firmware 2.0 and I installed MxTube 1.5 trought Cyndia. It works GREAT, but I transfered my videos from PC to MxTube folder with ftp and I cant see them listed in MxTube, even “old” and “new” downloads are in same folder. I only see new ones…

    Any solution? Don’t say I should download them again :) )

  24. @Iker – did you copy the VideoLibrary.plist file from /private/var/mobile/Library/MxTube ? i think this is the file that tells MxTube which videos you have downloaded. But there’s a good chance it wouldn’t work with 2.0 anyway, you’ll have to ask Max.

    You’ll have to add your videos to iTunes and sync them that way… I think anyway.

  25. the videos are located at /private/var/mobile/Media/MxTube
    the names are sucky, so u have to check VideoLibrary.plist (/private/var/mobile/Library/MxTube) to find out which mp4 u are searching

  26. Hey MxWeas Max,

    Your application works great with me. Pausing and resuming downloads work great and the interface is very nice and easy to use :D .

    I would like to donate some, but I have no PayPal and etc… btw I am 14 yrs old :S.

    Anyway contact me please, I want you to help to develeop 1.5a > 2.0.

  27. thx max,now i have my own reason to buy the “can not unlock yet” iphone 3g…hehehe… gracias muchas max… :D wish u the best…GBU young dev.

  28. We love your f….. good app! Works great. We had just 4 hard days to wait. And now – look at our smiling faces. Thanks!

  29. gracias muchas??? jjajaja
    muchas gracias wei ajjaj :p
    but, yeah, thnks a lot max, i didnt want to upgrade until mxtube was released :p
    now apple just fix 2.0 =( dam bugs, crashes and everything

  30. There is a major bug in it.
    It can display any language supported by iPhone os, but if title of one video is composed of one language and one of other language, it can’t display the other language(+ numbers and special characters).
    For example, if I search ‘독도’ then ‘독도는 우리 땅’ is displayed but ‘Part1 독도…’ is displayed as ‘Part1′. I’m sure you can get the idea if you try to search some word without English – like Korean, Japanese, Chinese.
    This is major for me. Please fix this.
    I am so glad that MxTube has been released for 2.0!

  31. How can you skin the buttons to a different color?

    Other than that its working great

  32. other issues I experienced.
    1. Too hard to change the volume.
    2. I can’t see the whole title of any video (even search results. ) This is what has been fixed on iPhone 2.0 YouTube. I feel really comfortable with this so I hope mxtube would be able to do this function.

  33. is 1.5a good for 1.1.4?

  34. Daaaaaamn this app rox
    I had it on 1.1.4 but never worked properly for me. Bût this version is perfect . Totally awesome!! Thx Mxweas!!
    Now I want iSlk 2.0 and my ipod will transform into the ultimate godsend device. xD
    Woooooot woooot ! Cheers!

  35. Could some one post the address of bigboss repo to download this app ? I cannot see this app in cydia

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  37. Hi, i saved my videos from mxtube in my ipod tocuh, after the 2.0 updrade i copied them back to the same folder, but they dont show up in the videos window, is there a way to do it, or not?, thanks!


  38. In Modmyifone website it states that the alpha version app may brick a phone? Should we wait for a final release?

  39. Aitortxo, lee esto:

    @Iker – did you copy the VideoLibrary.plist file from /private/var/mobile/Library/MxTube ? i think this is the file that tells MxTube which videos you have downloaded. But there’s a good chance it wouldn’t work with 2.0 anyway, you’ll have to ask Max.

    You’ll have to add your videos to iTunes and sync them that way… I think anyway.

  40. I can’t find the software in cydia. Where can I download it ? Any guide ?

  41. Yes, i saved it, but it doesnt work!, ill try with itunes!

  42. Aitor, I put all Mxtube videos in Itunes, changes horrible names to normal names and synced them, now they are part of Ipod part of Iphone, not Mxtube application.

    thats the only way i see to still have the videos…

  43. any1 can tell me where to download

  44. Will it be avaible on AppStore as free applications as well ? Shit i have a ORIGINAL German T-Mobile iphone with no Cydia. Is it a problem to get cydia running on it via WIndows XP?

  45. This is really my favorite app and the main reason for me to finally update to 2.0 firmware on my 2g iphone.. Unfortunately , as another user said here, it now does not work trough a proxy and this is A DISASTER since in Italy a lot of people are using a wap apn ( same as 5,99 tzone hack, and same problem!) .
    The old mxtube version on 1.1.4 was working perfectly with same hack, so it’s surely not a problem related to the apn, ..
    Please please please … fix it :-(

  46. so does the 1.1.4 users like me get the new mxtube 2.0?

  47. Hello mxTube

    you have don great work on mxtube2.0
    but i can’t play a movie to my tv.
    are you still working on this???

    greats jamey

  48. I like this app but the only problem I’m having is the ability to fast forward and rewind. If I hold the arrows, they are not responsive and nothin happens. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

  49. As other users have stated, I’m having problems with downloading/streaming
    Through the t-mobile (tzones hack) proxy. Will an update be coming?

  50. 1. good work on mxtube for 2.0 I didn’t think it would be released so soon
    and also hats off to the deb team for jailbreaking 2.0 ( even before it was released!) now to answer a question:

    MxTube Will NEVER be released on the app store as it would break one of apples (strict) conditions for adding apps to the store but it could slip through the net ( like “net share”) but would be removed ( and blacklisted which forceably removes the app when sync with iTunes) so I seriousy doubt it will appear on the app store.

  51. martin, tha’ts right, i dont think we will never see mxtube on appstore. this is one more reason to support this fantastic app with even small donations. i think it’s well worth at least 5 $ .. dont’ you all think?

  52. I have a question: i am still running a pwned 1.1.4 and mxtube is one the apps I enjoy most. i got many videos on my device downloaded with mxtube. Will I be able to watch them with mxtube versions (1.5 and the future 2.0) that are compatible with FW 2.0? It would be a bit of a pain to re-download those vids again

  53. dude you should put it on the appstore. It could be free or only 99 cents. I can help you get the funding. Email me at

  54. my problem with the app is everytime when i want search a video, First its loading then the app is kicking me out and i am back on the board.

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