MxTube 2.0 Status Update

The Search function and background download manager are complete! I still need to clean up a few things then build the Videos page and Playlists page and its ready for release! Btw, the background download manager will allow video downloads to continue even when MxTube 2.0 is closed!


20 Responses to “MxTube 2.0 Status Update”

  1. It’s really great to see such a progress :D
    thnx for all the effort

  2. great !!

  3. thank you soo much. i love being updated, any idea on how long before “expected” release? i wish i wasnt broke and practically homeless otherwise id donate. you rich people should throw him at lease a dollar it all adds up

  4. Huh?
    Great to see that it will support downloading in the background!
    How did you do that, though, with the SDK???
    I thought it didn’t allow background processes…
    BTW: Can’t you just fakesign your app so you don’t have to disable all security checks?

  5. @cakes:
    LOL, if you’re so “poor and homeless” why can you post this comment?? :-P

  6. Is this an app store release?
    Please let it be!!
    When they don’t accept it because of the background download, then drop the background download function.

    Please let this be app store!!!

    I’d pay max 7 dollars for it, and I think many others would agree with me. So you can even start making money!

  7. I doubt that it will be released via appstore since if apple wanted to allow people to download from youtube, they would have made it so.

    Great work! definitely donating when this comes out.

  8. congrats dude :) u’re consistent! to be frank, i’m so excited about this release that i subscribe to your site’s feed and get to it few times a day :D currently on 2.0 on my 1st gen. miss mxtube a lot. anyway, thanks for this great app and good luck dude!

  9. You my friend are a great developer. I thought that 2.0 was a extremely limited framework to develope on because of all the bugs I’ve experienced. But from what you post it seems you can do anything you could previously do and more. Amazing!

  10. hi, great work , I hope you release it very soon
    It seems everyone has forgotten about your app, your app is one of the reasons because I’m jailbreaking 2.0

    I would donate but I’m 16 and I live in mexico
    Check my blog

  11. wow. i cant wait for this app to be released. im just waiting for this app to be released so i can go jailbreak 2.0. im still in 1.1.4 and really excited about this one.

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  13. Thanks for all the hard work. I don’t know if you covered this but will Mxtube be available on firmware 2.0?

  14. @Nick it will be released for 2.0 and 1.1.4

  15. this is the best app. ever ,,,,,,,sorry for my inglish ,,,,,,,,thanks released for firmware 2.0 ,,,,,,

  16. Can’t find it when I search on Apps via 2.0 on itouch…

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  19. when is this the mxtube 2.0 being released. Also will it be available for installer. Thanks

  20. will it ever be released? 2.0, 2.01, 2.0.2, 2.1 has passed and still no mxtube 2.0?

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