I’m still working on MxTube 2.0, but summer is over and I’ve had considerably less time to spend on it. I’m rebuilding the background downloader to protect against socket issues people were having as well as setting it to use NSURLDownload to allow resuming of downloads and proxy settings. The main problem I’m having is with ffmpeg. The utility made it seem so simple I figured it would just be a breeze to implement, but it turns out my app actually must tell ffmpeg to encode each frame and command ffmpeg’s libraries to do everything. I’ll keep everyone posted on the status as new things happen. Now, as everyone knows I’ve started the iDevKit.com forum. Well, I need your help. I’m trying to make iDevKit the largest iPhone & iPod Touch Dev community and it takes up a considerable amount of my time telling other developers about it. Once iDevKit has grown up to the point everyone can help everyone, I will have _much_ more time to work on MxTube and updates for it. Therefore, if you own a digg account, go digg up iDevKit. :)
Digg – iDevKit

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  1. Happens 100% of the time… Even tried uninstall/reinstall still same issue… Version 1.5a beta firmware 2.1. Thanks!

  2. Feature suggest.
    It will be fine, if MxTube will be able to send a movie trough component/video cable to an external tv set.
    The shipped YouTube and iPod applications are able to provide this functionality.

    I owe an iPhone 16GB 3G, FW2.1, MxTube 1.5-f2.0

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