MxTube 1.0b – Unable to fix

The source code for MxTube 1.0b which is the latest version for firmwares 1.x is corrupt. I made it on my original PC which BSOD’d (Blue Screen Of Death). If I can find a backup that is salvageable I will try to update, but for now MxTube will only work on firmware 2.x.


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  1. yeah I was having a problem with mxtube crashing and was getting frustrated. Glad to know I wasn’t going crazy.

  2. Argh yea been crashing all the time when I go to search… Sux about the bsod hope u get everything up and running again I don’t even use utube since I downloaded this… GREAT program XD kudos

  3. Hi Max,

    That’s a pity… I am still using 1.4 version as I have all the great apps that I need.
    Hope you can salvage the code for 1.0b because your app is really the best one !!
    BTW, is it possible to ssh 2.x apps into my 1.4 ipod touch? Will it work or is it completely not compatible?


  4. I have firmware version iphone os 1.x, cydia tells me to upgrade using pwnage tool to 2.x . Do I have to restore my ipod to do this? I don’t want to lose everything but if I can never get a working version of mxtube on 1.x then I may as well upgrade now rather than later. any assistance will be much appreciated.


  5. Aah man :( thanks for a great app. I’m in South Africa, our Internet speed in some places is really slow. Yr app was a life saver…

    I have 1.1.4, can I install version 1.5b or can I upgrade to 2.0 version with my 2G 16GB iPhone?

    Thanks again, enjoy yr weekend ;)

  6. Please get this working for iPhone firmware 1.X again. I need this working app on Installer again, its one of the best apps out there!!!! Thanx

  7. guys i downloaded mxtube 1.5b to my pc.. but how to transfer it to my iphone using itunes? i wonder why its not detecting.. direct me pls

  8. Well sumthing good came out of 1.0 mxtube crash im finally thinkin about an update but confused somebody please help I’m a little slow so forgive me to download 2.0 firm ware I have 2 use computer and then?

  9. please just try my Cydia only worked 1.0b I don’t know why..
    please just try to fix1.0b I always got crashing when I’m searching..
    also I don’t know how to download .. :(

  10. i have 1.0b version,how i update my mx???? Please help!! If i serch something the program crash down

  11. Aww i have experienced the crashes too. I hope you can fix the 1.0b version for the iPhone 1.x. I hope you will make us happy. Good luck and thanks in advance.

  12. Dear Max,

    I am overseas iPhone user and cannot upgrade iPhone to 2.x version or else iPhone will not work any more. Does 1.5b of MxTube for 3G iPhone? I looked through “Installer” and cannot find 1.5b version. Will this version work on 1.4 version 2G iPhone? Thank you! THis is a great application.

  13. oh.. please Max
    I can not download 2.0 firmware
    Please fix the sources…..!
    I only can use 1.0b
    if you can not?? make sources again
    I’m waiting for fixed 1.0b and more than billion people waiting for fixed 1.0b

    Just try to fix a sources for billion people

    I want to download some videos from Youtube

  14. i’m running 1.1.4 :| if possible please make it work again
    thankx for this (hopefully NOT ex)great app

  15. nooo! Please fix mxtube 1.0b max! Its the best app!

  16. Where can I update the app? Because I have the 1.0 version, and if I do will I lost all my videos or music?

    What can I do because it crashes every time on search:(

    well anyways I love this app is the best one :)

  17. great working perfect…

  18. will this be avadible on the appstore anytime?

  19. I need thee program

  20. I need thee program becous myiphone

  21. is there an update for installer please man take it out my cidia does not work

  22. ࡵرحبا ان مشكلتي مع مكس تيوب كل مره اذا ادخل وابحث عن اي شي يفصل ويطݴع فاشالحل مع هالمشكله

  23. Max is there a way to classify the video downloaded into different folders?

  24. pllllllleeeeaaaaaaasssseeeee fix this! I beg of you! You’re a developer, you can take the later app version and transform the code for 1.14. Pllleeeaaasseee!

  25. Max please
    you know what? More than 3million people is waiting for it!!!
    Please!!! MxTube is the best application in iPod touch

    Please,fix it

    For the 3million!!

  26. dear max, if you dont activate mx tube for iphone version 1.1.4 change my iphone for a dog

  27. MAx

    please please fix for 1.1.4.

  28. if I upgrade to 2.0 software, and my apps get deleted, will I still be able to download mxtube from installer? Or is it not on installer anymore?

  29. i have 1.0B and it recently started to crash when searching…is this the bug that everyones talkin about?

  30. Please, fix the problem with v1.0b. Pleeeeeeeeease

  31. Dear, MxTube developers, MxTube is nice app and it’s not worthy screwing it up with such a lack of attitude. As you know these days there is a lot of original ideas and people capable for realizing them but appreciation from the audience is still a true ‘endeavour’.

  32. Please don’t change the version of Mxtube… !

  33. That’s why mine kept on crashing. I really hope you fix it. Your app is the best I have!

  34. i can’t live without MxTube, help…….=S I’m in 1.1.4……

  35. I have mxtube 1.0b I just wanna know if there is gonna b an update or not mxtube is the best app and I commend the creator on his hard work but if there’s gonna be an update thank god but if not its cool hello t-mobile g1. android

  36. I have iPHONE with firmare 1.1.4 and i have install at last MXTube v1.0b via CYDIA (its better than INSTALLER) its work fine. Try it.

  37. dude best app ever you are the best plz fix app it is the best out there thx

  38. holy …. my life is gone and so is mx, i know /we know you can fix it plz do

  39. Deaa MX, please fix my lovely MxTube 1.0b, I’m also in 1.1.4

  40. help….

  41. woah!! Max!! Please please please please fix it! :( (
    now that mxtube is broken.. My iPod touch is useless!!
    I only use my iPod touch because of your mxtuuuuuube!!:((
    your so cool by making this app!
    I know u can fix it! Please do!
    Coz I’m about to die!!

  42. by far the best application ever! like everyone else said, i hope you find the code or are able to fix it regardless. i’m also on fw 1.1.4.

  43. I think you should repair this program because many peaple have donate you.

  44. wen I try to search on mxtube 1.0 it atomatically goes back to my homescreen plz help

  45. MY mxtube is 1.0b it crashes everytime i do a search where to updae it my iphone is 1.1.4

  46. my Mx Tube crashes the moment I start to search PLs help to fix it fast

  47. Another one…

    Please fix this.

    If you send me your hard drive from your PC that crashed, I ican get someone to recover the files.

    Please fix this.

  48. You guys calm down..wait a week, who cares..
    Its a great app but, just give patience and enjoy it..

  49. It maybe conflicted with some other process. I am not sure if the mxTube is trying to call the Search API in the YouTube application. Any one made the mxTube works, did you guys did anything special for YouTube applicaiton on iphone (1.1.4)?

  50. please fix the problem max ,i have the 1.0 and it crash after i start the search i will apreciate if you fix these is the best app. Thanks max

  51. max u still there please help really need this app i can tell by how recent the post are that people are forgeting about this great app unfortunatly I suck so I’m not loosing faith I wanna keep my iPhone the way it is too scared to up date any news at all on whether it would be fixed or if 1.0 mxtube done for good please help need this app

  52. please fix it

  53. plz fix it , come on Max we need action now!!!!!

  54. I have 1.1.4 and I had mxtube on it and it was working just fine. I had to restore and download mxtube but it is not working and it said the serch would not work on 1.X and it said that I need to upgrade to 2.0 to be able to get to work. please advise or should I just remove it from my iphone. I love to have it but if I can’t i’ll rather just remove it.
    please advice.

  55. Dear max
    mxtube is the best app in iphone programs .i hope that you try to solve this issue cause it makes us sad.

  56. Hi all,
    I have 1.1.4 firmware and my mxtube crashes since 4 weeks ago. This APP is absolutely the best one for downloading video clips. Please fix it ASAP and make us happy :-)

  57. Add a donation with every stupid “pleeeeassse” and maybe someone will listen to you.

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