Search Bug Fixed!

I finally got around to checking out the source of MxTube 1.5a’s search bug. Turns out YouTube has decided to add the letter z to the end of their date published strings. I’ve fixed MxTube 1.5a and will be updating Cydia in a few minutes. Once the MxTube feature page shows there is an update available, you can find the fixed MxTube on Cydia. Thanks everyone for notifying me of this issue. NOTE: The patched MxTube will be version 1.5b!


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  1. YAY!!!!

    Thank you!!!

  2. Thanks man when is 2.0.coming out?

  3. Tanks!!!


  5. is this only for version 1.5? because i have version 1.0b beta and on my ipod touch in installer there is no version 1.5. i tried reinstalling it but it still doesnt work.

  6. sorry forgot to say am i gonna have to rejailbreak my ipod?

  7. @ryuzaki: man I recommend you to update your iPod to firmware 2.1 and jailbreak it. Then you’ll find MxTube 1.5b in CYDIA, which is much better than Installer.

  8. is 2.0 even gonna come out?

  9. Yes, my searches crashes 100% for 2 days already. Still no relief, pity cannot search and download anymore. My version is v1.0b

  10. Thanks max, I love you ^_^

  11. Thank you, thank you!

  12. hey thanks. but is there going to be a new mxtube for jailbreak 2.1 if there is please reply and tell me how to get the new one. like how to update cydia to get the new mxtube.

  13. very tanks bro- many greetings from Venezuela

  14. Dude I can’t find the mxtube update I’m currently on 2.1 and when I go to cydia I have no idea where I find the update usually updates are in changes hut it’s not there pls help me out man I loved mxtube and if u wanna noe my mxtube version is 1.5a

  15. @nick: yes, it is for 2.1. just open Cydia and look in Changes and then tap on Update. at the top right.

  16. Very thank dear friend of ipod now the mxtube1.5b is working good thanks foros your genius and God bless you From Peru Richard

  17. I did look there but it’s not there what did I do

  18. hey! im having problems with my mxtube, o have the 1.0 version beta , but in my cyndia o installer dosnt apear new updates? like the 1.5? what can i do? tnks!

  19. nvm my freind I found it thx it just popped up do u have a hotmail I can add u at.


  21. still having problems! i dont see any mxtube updates!

  22. got the 1.5b update and was ok for a couple of hours until just now (2200 pt) when I tried to search and got the “can’t find YouTube” popup….dammit! ;)

  23. Thank you brother!

  24. I know that 1.0b is for an old, obsolete firmware but is it possible to post a fix for those of us still using it? or instructions on how to fix it?

    Whether you do or don’t, Thanks for creating a great app

  25. fantastic!!

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  27. Thanks Max… for restoring the joy in my life.. after the agony and frustration caused by Search crashes in 1.5a, the 1.5b has brought sunshine once again in our lives hahaha it’s oh so true…. once again Thanks Max… here’s always looking for more updates. Luvya!

  28. thanks bro, you rock!!!!

  29. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! Its working now, thanks for the quick fix.

  30. Thank you very much! I love your app! :)

  31. Hey dude thanks for the update! Love this app! U the man!!

    From Singapore.

  32. TKS!!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE MAN!!!

  33. THanks max 1.5b solved everything….

  34. @mtgrules: can you explain me why you’re still on 1.1.4??

  35. great job!
    Works like a charm again.

    Many many thanx.

  36. Thanks Max! On behalf of all the Malaysians, I salute you. Please continue to protect us from this big bully called YouTube ok?

  37. Still could not find the update in Cydia.

  38. hej max thanks for this app. this app is the best app on iphone but i still get problem when i search for the videos. and yess i have uppdated it and reinstaled it just to check before i wrote to you. thanks for this app it helps me alot i hope you can fix the problem soon.

  39. Thanks a lot!

  40. @alvareo: I am still on 1.1.4 because I don’t have the money to upgrade to 2.1 or whatever is most recent… and downloading it somewhere isn’t quite legal… :(

  41. *********MAX PLEASE READ THIS AND RESPOND***********



  42. i have firmware 1.1.4 so to upgrade it to 2.1 will i have to restore my ipod first then jailbreak it?

  43. @IPHONEMASTER: you could use the application backgrounder (you can find it in cydia) to make mxtube play in the background.

  44. oh I wonder y I can’t see any updates of mxtube in cydia..

  45. @ryuzaki: Yes, I recommend you to Restore to 2.1. You can see many useful guides on and . Good luck!

    @mtgrules: Ok.

  46. Duude will there ever be a fixed version of 1.0b on Installer/Cydia?

    I have the firmware 1.1.4 and I know I won’t possibly be able to get my parents to let me get the newest firmware for 1.1.5.

    Anyways man, keep up the good work. :)

  47. Hey max i got an 1.14 ipod and my mx tube doesn’t work so i try to look in cydia and i couldn’t find it what should i do?

  48. I have a version 1.1.4 iPhone and 1.0b mxtube. Can u please fix this version aswell? Or can I do something to make it work ?

  49. When i update to 1.5b will all my videos ive downloded in 1.0b still be on there

  50. I hav v 1.0 I know its old but cld please update or fix but n e way just wanted to say this is a great app I’m still very satisfied

  51. Is 1.5 only for people who have upgrade I have 1.0 and it crashes during search so does that mean there will be no 1.0 upgrade to those of us who at still in the stoneage?

  52. yeh mines 1.0 aswell and I can’t find an update will you be fixing this?

  53. Thank you!!!!

    from germany

  54. Thanks alots
    gotto give some donnation .It worth it.whoooooooooooo.

  55. Yea max please make update for the others that are on 1.0, I feel sorry on the ones that are on lower firmwares because there old installer is no more producing app packages like those days. Well thanks anyway bye !

  56. yes mines 1.0 as well I don’t see any 1.5 updated can you fix this please?

  57. Hey!

    Thanks for this wonderful app!! :D

    I’ve used Mxtube and got to say that u made a great app dude… :)

    Well there is some bug al thought but not a big deal…
    I hops in version 2 u going to fix downloading bug that dose cancel any current downloading when the screen sleep in the iphone starts. It’s a bit noisy but what a hell your app rocks..

    Good luck and keep up good work!! :)

  58. @Marvin: 1.1.5 only has bug fixes, and no App Store nor new features. The newest version is 2.1.

  59. I’m in the same boat as “marvin”. Please help. I have 1.1.4 and v1.0b.

  60. could you fix 1.0 please

  61. I use the iPhone and I used installer to get MxTube v1.0b it keeps on closing all of a sudden in the search and I can’t find the 1.5 version some people are saying use cydia but how do I get it onto my phone? Please help me cuz I really like using Mx Tube it rox!

  62. MX Tube is AWSOME! It’s the greatest APP I ever had!
    Congrats to Wease. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the update 1.5b. I’m still on FW 1.1.1 Also, I’d like to suggest if the accelerometer would work. Display only works on horizontal for me. It’s best to view the video both vertical and horizontal….

  63. Great job Max!! Tnx ^_^

  64. @Vanessa: you need to upgrade to firmware 2.1 And jailbreak it and you’ll get Cydia :)

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  66. with all due respect, thank u for the replies but that backgrounder does not work. Could u please verify that it does if not, please do not suggest it. Thanks anyway I don’t wanna come across sounding like a tool

  67. @iphonemaster: I checked and it works perfectly.

  68. @iphonemaster: lol did you know that you have to hold the home button until a notice comes up for the app to go to the background???

  69. @alvareo
    Are we both on the same page? I want the application to run music on the background not just download the videos… Please let me know if it runs music because I have used the backgrounder correctly ,I’m not a complete numpty. Cheers

  70. @iphonemaster: sorry man my bad, I tried and it doesn’t work. sorry for the flame.
    But remember you can always use MewSeek+PwnPlayer or MewSeek+dTunes!

  71. I have version 1.5, but there’s no new or updated version on Cydia.. Can anybody help me?

  72. hi guys,

    I updated it to 1.5b, but still I cant choose for the ‘normal’ YouTube! Please help me!

  73. on a jailbroken 1.1.1 and my installer crashes everytime I open it so no updates on the mxtube, and i really want all the new updates, any suggestions?? Help!!!

  74. Well, to my surprise I found out that MxTube no longer works on 1.1.4. Everytime I try to search the app just closes. Unfortunately the 1.1.4 is still the best option for many of us. It has such killer apps that if I will update maybe in the future, I will probably just get another Ipod Touch or iPhone specially for 2.1. And this ipod touch I will keep with 1.1.4 because of the incredible production apps still unmatched on 2.1.
    – So no fixing/update for 1.1.4 ? Never ?

  75. … Max, thanx a lottttt forsuch a great app.
    I’ve read ur and other comments but i still don’t really understand. and i really don’t get the idea of ” downloads finish prematurely ” . i have 1.1.3 and mxtube v1.0b . what should i do …. ??

  76. Not sure why but mxtube cannot search…I get Feature unavailable when I try to add as a search source.Any ideas?

    I have version 1.5b

  77. Is the Video Out (cable) working for 1.5b? It used to work before I updated to firmware 2.1.

  78. ok so i have a ipod touch 1.1.5 i installed mxtube v1.0b with cydia, also i tried installer, and it crashes everytime i try to search. i looked on the internet to upgrade to 2.0 or 2.1 and it ended up restoring my ipod, it didnt work. i looked at bigboss and sleepers and found nothing on how to actually upgrade my ipod. if anyone knows how to or if anyone knows of an updated mxtube 1.0b plz post.

  79. also i dont want to pay for upgrade as im pissed that iphone gets it for free

  80. First off, I LOVE MxTUBE!!!!

    Second, when I search, I cannot choose the Data Source I get a message “Feature Unavailable”.

    I’m pretty sure I could search with that source when I 1st installed it….maybe not

    Does anyone else get that message.

  81. Hey, I too am still using 1.1.4. The reason I use it is sdo that imap idle works!!! Please if possible port 1.0b for 1.1.4 users, many thx


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